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Joy is
a whale whisperer
and she communicates
with dolphins
and whales.

You’ll find many fascinating journal entries about Joy’s adventures,
first with the dolphins,
and then with the whales,
who joined in, in 2016.

Her information about the whales needs to be heard by many, including scientists and any others who might be willing to help.

Everything has a consciousness, and if you're Joy, you know how to connect with it!

Whether it's a drop of water, the sand, a tree, or a dolphin, everything has a story to tell.

So Joy began connecting with dolphins and whales, and here are some of her very interesting adventures.

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Dolphins and Joy
Joy is a dolphin whisperer, and she has many stories to tell about dolphins.

She lives a 5-minute walk from a quiet beach in a residential area... there are no big hotels, and during the winter and spring months, the beach is often empty. Except there are dolphins...

They used to just do their weaving (swimming) through the water, up and down the coast, usually between May or June, through until the end of September. You'd see them gracefully moving, fins coming up, dipping down into the water and disappearing for a while, then coming back up again a little ways away, always moving up or down the coast.

In the fall, after a storm might have passed by and the waves were a little bigger, you might be lucky enough to see the occasional dolphin riding the waves, or maybe even jumping. That's always exciting!

These days, though, they're unusally active and playful. You'll very often see them having fun... especially if Joy is near, or even if she's on her way (as others let her know)... and even if they aren't exactly close to the beach at the time, you may still see them splashing and jumping, way far out.

They love showing their "whale tails" (as they insist they be called) and jumping high, even if there aren't any waves. "Skidding" in the water is another new pasttime of these dolphins. (You know, like when you run on the ice to gather speed, and then you slide...) You can see this as "skid-marks" making a whitecap that moves across the water for several yards where there isn't any surf at all. And they keep inventing more, all the time.

Joy started "talking" with the dolphins in 2014. In the beginning, it was just a bit. There weren't "conversations" yet, but Joy began feeling the energy of the dolphins. By 2015, the dolphins were happy to connect with Joy, and often looked forward to it.

Late during the summer of 2015, Joy began going to the beach almost every single morning, to do her exercise and  energy routines, and also to "dance". Movement! She continued this all through the winter, even during the cold weather, because the energy of the outdoors and nature is so helpful.

It didn't take Joy long to start noticing that if the dolphins weren't already at the beach, they usually showed up sometime while she was there.

Everything has a consciousness, and if you're Joy, you know how to connect with it! Whether it's a drop of water, the sand, a tree, or a dolphin, everything has a story to tell.

So Joy began connecting with the dolphins, and here are some of her adventures.
(Please be sure to read the 9/4/2016 post-hurricane Hermine note about "What do dolphins do during a storm?")

Dolphin Journal

Date: 11/30/2015

Dolphins communicate with Joy

Dolphins are very psychic, and they love playing!
One day, Joy was getting some notes ready for one of her sessions, and she was going to tell about the dolphins. As she tried to write her version, what actually came through was "… the dolphins are Joy's friends when the energy is light enough!"
Sometimes the dolphins are more joyful than other times, and Joy finds it's often when she's having a wonderful connection with them.
They start jumping more around her, and it's the most fun thing to see them surfing the waves too!
She loves feeling their joy!!!
Joy referred to this particular group of dolphins as "her dolphins…". This was a group that spent their days at the end of the summer and into the early autumn months, in the ocean at the beach that she is so fortunate to live close to…
Usually they're gone by late September or early October or thereabouts, as the weather gets colder, and they move on farther south, wherever they're migrating to… (The dolphins showed her on the map that it's a stretch of ocean between Myrtle Beach and Charleston, South Carolina)
They had been gone for about a week or so, as the weather had gotten colder at night, and she was told they were gone for the rest of the year.
However, the day before Thanksgiving, Joy played with some energy that must have been something especially nice and very deep (she remembers it being related to the earth plane, and even deeper vibrational levels, including elements, and particles)…
… because on the Sunday right after Thanksgiving, she was at the beach, doing her running and a few exercises, and she kept looking hopefully out to the ocean in the event that there might be dolphins there, even though she had been told they were gone for the year.
This day, she didn't even ask if the dolphins were around… She had asked a few days earlier and was given that they were many hours away already… somewhere near Morehead City, which would have been a little bit too far away to come back easily in the 20 minutes or so she might be at the beach.
However, about 15 minutes later, she saw little flashes that she usually recognizes as the dolphin fins in the water… and when she looked more closely, there they were!
Next thing she knew, there were about three or four of the dolphins, joyfully connecting with her, and they came very happily riding the waves towards the beach, just in front of where she was playing. She could feel their joy!
She asked "Are you my dolphins?"… and the answer was "Yes, of course we are!"
They had apparently been connecting with the light new spaces and had "followed their joy" and in doing that, followed the energy pathways that they are connected to, right back to Joy's part of the beach in Virginia.
Oh what fun!
… and then, wouldn't you know it, she was so busy having fun with the dolphins that she wasn't paying attention to the incoming tide, and a huge wave came rolling in.
In a big hurry to back up and avoid getting wet (after all, it was autumn, and the weather was chilly, and she was wearing long pants and running shoes…), she completely tumbled backwards and sat down plop in the middle of the big wave!
Joy laughed, as the dolphins connected with "her silly grin over this mishap", as they put it! She was a little bit cold (okay, very cold and chilled) for the rest of her time at the beach, but decided to stay and play with the happy energies just the same, hoping that the dolphins might continue to stick around for a while… and they happily did.
She finally said good bye and headed home for a cup of nice hot tea and a warm shower.

Date: 04/13/2016

A Christ Dolphin

Joy asked the dolphins, "Do you know Christ?"
"Yes, we have a Christ dolphin," they replied.
At this point, Joy wasn't sure whether they actually had a dolphin (i.e., a dolphin in one of their own dolphin groups) who was like Christ, or whether they knew about Jesus.
A little while later, she understood that the dolphins actually knew many of our historical individuals…
...but they were also sure that all of those individuals are also "dolphins."
"They think we're all dolphins," says Joy.

Date: 06/19/2016

The dolphins and Atlantis

The dolphins love connecting with happy energy. Think Spirals.
Any time there is anything really significant (spirals), they respond by dancing. They love connecting with it.
On this particular day, Joy was connecting with learning more about soul groups.
Wherever Joy goes, any time, any day, there is always "connecting", and with that, comes "a million questions", as Joy puts it, and a steady stream of information. Life is always fascinating, to say the least…
So the thread of information on this day was about wider soul groups… Christ's soul group, Lemuria, Atlantis, and so on.
The underlying information here is that there are soul families, nested within soul groups, nested within bigger soul groups, etc., until you get to the BIG soul group, or the wider soul groups where we all might have had our beginnings.
As Joy stood on the beach, asking about the soul groups, the dolphins were nearby. They had been quietly weaving, i.e., doing their usual dolphin thing, although as usual when Joy was nearby, they were going up, down, back and forth… always staying near where Joy was.
Joy was connecting with Atlantis, and the information that came through was that there had been an Atlantis soul group, but that they had "graduated", so that now, anyone in the earth plane who had lived in Atlantis was actually part of Christ's soul group.  
At this moment, just as that information came through, the dolphins put on a spectacular show!
Within the space of about 10 seconds, eleven different dolphins joyfully, gleefully jumped high up into the air, and came down again surfing a wave.
There was an excitement with this that was so grand, it was like the "grand finale" of fireworks.
According to the dolphins, in that moment, they connected with Christ and with their "awakening".
There had been an individual in Atlantis who had asked the dolphins at that time to lift their consciousness, and to begin awakening.
They connected with the memory of this as a "moment of truth", a knowing, and so there was "clockwise energy" (think "Spirals").
The dolphins are always light and play more when Joy is at the beach (increasing steadily since 2014), but this was really exceptional!

Date: 06/23/2016

"Do I know you?"

It was a lovely summer late summer afternoon, and Joy delights in going for beautiful walks to the beach, which is quite close to where she lives.
"Are the dolphins nearby today?" she asks as she arrives at the beach.
The answer today is "no... but..."
"Hmmmm... I wonder what that means," Joy muses.
She looks around, but there are no dolphins to be seen anywhere.
Shortly thereafter, a little ways out and farther down the shoreline, she sees one of the little telltale signs that there are dolphins... At the moment, it's just a single fin.
It isn't long, though, before there are a few more.
"Wow! Dolphins!" It always lifts Joy's energy and brings a very big smile and a "high" when there are dolphins nearby.
These dolphins, though, don't bring quite the same "high" as usual.
"Do I know you?" she asks.
"Nope... We don't connect," is the answer.
Joy checks through the energies of the pods of dolphins that she already knows and calls "my dolphins".
Number one? Nope... Number two? Nope... Number three? Nope… Okay, here's a new one. We'll call you Number four. How inventive!
But the answer "We don't yet connect" is just the beginning. The consciousness of the dolphins begins to raise, and Joy is aware that other dolphins are nearby, lifting Joy's energy, and the new group of dolphins begins connecting with the other dolphins ... mostly group three, because they're the closest at the moment. (Group number 3 is the group that was around all winter long last year.)
Soon there are so many dolphins there, and most of them are directly in front of Joy. Some of them are quite close. There aren't any farther down the shore.
Dolphins normally just head on up the shore and gracefully move past, but the more times Joy connects with them, the longer they learn to stay around. They say they enjoy the high vibrations.
This new group indicated to Joy that during the summer, they're normally near this area, but they remain on the other side of the water, up the strip that goes by Chincoteague and then Ocean City, Maryland. They sometimes go as far as Delaware. (You get there from Virginia Beach by going across the Bay Bridge tunnel.)
A note added later, at the end of the summer: Group number four subsequently "stayed around" and came in to visit Joy for most of the remainder of the summer.

Date: 07/18/2016

Dolphin "Whale Tails"

Have you ever seen the dolphins splashing?
It was very early evening on the beach, and Joy had just connected with a new energy that was really nice. It was a very grounding connection…
The dolphins were there, greeting Joy, and they were happy!
They were aware of this new energy, and they were really being One.
This was group 1 of Joy's dolphins, which is the group that has the lightest energy, because they've been around Joy the longest time.
There were many of them, and they were quite close to the beach…
They played in such a way as Joy had never seen them playing before, and they were staying put for a long time, which the dolphins don't usually do, as they prefer to keep moving.
The dolphins kept splashing… playing with the energy… using their fins to splash, and also often, their tails. They let her know they were doing somersaults under the water as well.
Joy would see their tales up in the air, like "whale tails" just before they dove under the water…
Joy has noticed that she has been seeing much more of the dolphin tails lately… but the dolphins like her to call them "Whale tails"! (They're very definite about this!)
The dolphins let her know that they were excited about this new energy. (Joy was to learn later what it was actually about… See the entry for 8/16/2016.)
Joy could feel their delight and their "beaming energy", as they put it… It made her smile so deep inside…
There was almost an overwhelming sense of huge connection between Joy and the dolphins, and it felt  "WOW"! There was a feeling of ecstatic fun.
There were several other people and families standing at the beach, watching, drawn by the happy, splashing dolphins.
Joy clapped with enthusiasm at their antics, although the ocean waves drowned out the sound.
Dolphins actually love it when people clap… it's not the sound, but the energy waves they create in clapping.
Joy had never seen the dolphins stay in one place, splashing and playing like this any other time before. It was breathtaking!
The dolphins splashed and played like this for about 15 minutes… then they gradually moved away, doing their much more normal "dolphining" away from the shore… but even then, they still often took dives that showed their "whale tails", and continued splashing on occasion. It was a beautiful, happy energy.
As Joy put her hands out in the energy, she was being shown big earth-plane waves. (It's a pattern she goes to, which looks like a sine-wave, and is grounding.)
P.S. The dolphins indicate that there was no possible way to capture their joy using words and descriptions… it was beyond light!

Date: 08/11/2016

Dolphins migrating… and dolphin "territories"

It's that time of year… Mother Nature begins to call.
The dolphins, group 2, has been around all summer. They've been the ones mostly coming in to connect with Joy…
Every time she sees the dolphins, her energy goes way high… and that's every single day. Joy has really enjoyed it!
However, the last few days, the dolphins have let her know there are changes coming…
Group 2 lets her know that the energy is pulling them on south for a bit. (They'll probably be back again… moving off several times, coming back, again and again…)
Group 4, which is usually across on the other side, i.e., closer to the Eastern Shore, has begun to be around a lot more often.
Actually, it turns out that group 2 had been choosing to be here, and so the other groups mostly just pass through, but don't stay, because group 2 "prefers" it that way.
"Territorial" would be the correct word!
Group 1 had also stayed near, but farther down the beach, as well as farther out in the ocean. They would have been closer if they could, but group 2 was letting them know that Joy's end of the beach was "not available".
An interesting thing happened when Joy next connected with group 2… They became aware of something new. "Territorial" is what dolphins are, but now, in Joy's One, they are finding that "caring" is there, and that Joy loves all of the groups.
This was like an "Aha!" moment. From this time on, more dolphins from various groups are allowed near Joy's part of the beach… at the same time (although they were keeping themselves very distanced from each other).
Group 2, while territorial, is also "the friendliest" group. They enjoy the people.
They've been around the guided kayak tours all summer… coming close when the kayakers are out in the water, and sometimes being right there in amongst the kayakers.
Sometimes when Joy has said to the dolphins, "The kayakers are about to head out,", they have replied with excitement, "We're on our way."
Occasionally, though, as the season has been changing and migration is coming, they "hide" until the kayakers are out in the water, and then they'll suddenly "show up".
Dolphins are apparently really great at doing that. They can be nearby, but keep most of their telltale signs hidden, until they are ready to be seen.
Today, they wanted to let Joy know that they will be disappearing. There have already been fewer of them around for the past two weeks or so, and the day before, group 2 let her know that they had headed off, and that she wouldn't be seeing them again for a while (… although Joy said "okay, but who knows how long that will be?!")
… and then, this morning, the dolphins didn't really show up for the kayakers. They were there, though.
They said there were two of them out there, two females they let Joy know, just before the kayakers headed out. They stayed pretty much hidden though, and didn't "mingle".
They said the rest of their group has gone on, but they're still here for a little while longer, as long as the kayakers are there.
The dolphins connect with different energies.
Group 1 is the most conscious and light, and they like the fast, high vibrations.
Group 2, however, is much more heart-centered, and they prefer nice warm heart connections. This is actually what makes them "friendly."
They let Joy know that when they are with the kayakers, the kayakers' energies are nice, and they can connect. There is also a vibration of "Christ Energy through the heart in Joy, which they have been  connecting with, so they like to be "friendly" as a result of that.
Group 3 indicates that  they will be back around in the area in a while… they have a more "northern" migration route than group 2.
Group 1 is still around, but tends to stay farther out… at this point. They're more interested in the energy of "One", and they don't need to be as much in the vicinity in order to connect. They stayed connected all last winter, even though they were only present some of the time.

Date: 08/15/2016

Almost swimming with the dolphins…

After talking and playing with the dolphins all last year, Joy decided it was finally time to get in the water with them… and so she went swimming in the ocean!
She had watched the dolphins playing near the kayakers several times, and hoped the dolphins would come close to her like that.
No such luck the first time! Actually, it was the boogie board…
Joy started her adventure with a lovely pink boogie board that had been stored away for several years.
The dolphins said that the boogie baord was too "slow"… They meant the vibration, of course! They couldn't get the right connection to it…
"Does it have a consciousness?", they asked.
Then they said, "Leave it sit around in your home for a week or so, and we'll begin to feel your energy…"
But since she was already in the water with it, Joy just went swimming and paddling on her boogie board, enjoying the waves and the sunshine, the warmth, the blue sky, and the beautiful day...
Even though they weren't right there, they kept talking with her. That was group number 2.
They said they'd be more likely to come and play more when they had adjusted to her "in-the-water" vibrations, which were very different than her "dancing-on-the-beach" vibrations, which they had come to enjoy. They gave her feedback, so that she would know better what to do near the dolphins.
Breast stroke? No… "...but swim on your back, and gently move your hands at your sides, and that is nice."
Jumping in the water? Nope…
"Somersault? Yes please!!! Round and round a few times… we like that!"
Group number 1 wasn't even nearby, but they also gave her encouragement.
"Try again tomorrow," they said, all the while she was out in the water. "We can feel your energy, and we're liking it. We like your heart… and we need to raise our vibrations a bit, you see." (It's interesting, because group number 1 has the much greater consciousness, where they often connect from wherever they may be, without being present in the vicinity.)

Date: 08/16/2016

Finally swimming… and dolphin dances

Today, Joy went back to the beach, and went swimming again… and today, both groups 1 and 2 of dolphins were around.
As Joy was getting ready to get in the water, the dolphins began coming closer. They were playing… with lots of splashing and we'd say "horse play", but of course, that would be "dolphin play"! That was group 1…
Initially, Joy went out into the water alone, without her boogie board, so that the dolphins would get to know her more easily today.
There were a few other people nearby, and they also began gathering in the water and watching the dolphins, because the dolphins were being so close and connecting with Joy… meaning they were splashing around a lot and putting on a great show.
The dolphins let Joy know that they didn't care for the group of ladies that was closest to Joy, because there weren't any young people there, but the next group over had some younger people, arnd the dolphins let Joy know they were comfortable.
The dolphins kept asking Joy to move her arms, meaning please "play with the energy!" It looks like beautiful Tai Chi or something like that, but faster. The dolphins were enjoying the energy, and were coming very close.
After a while, Joy got her boogie board and went out farther with the dolphins. That was where group 2 joined her.
They came and stayed close to Joy the whole time she was in the water… and they appeared to be having so much fun. They also kept asking her to keep playing with the energy as she was swimming…
Joy was overwhelmed… it was so beautiful and fun, and  the dolphins let Joy know they were enjoying it as well.
Occasionally people will see dolphins riding the waves, when the waves are fun, like when it's been really windy… however, mostly, dolphins just move along the shore, showing their dolphin fins, and just being "dolphins".
These dolphins, however, were shining today!
"You've never seen so much just 'fun' ", says Joy.
The dolphins were in smaller groups of 8, and 4, all of them together splashing, playing, jumping, somersaulting and very often showing off their "whale tales" (that's what they love to call them now!)
… sometimes there were three of them jumping all at the same time… and the water was constantly full of their dancing splashes… You could see the water showering around, even from way far away!
Through all of this, they were talking with Joy, and asking for "the newer energies", as they sometimes do.
Often, as Joy does her exercise and energy routines on the beach in the mornings, the dolphins ask  "What's new?"
They don't mean what's new in her life and in her day-to-day things… they always want to know "What are the new ENERGIES? What are you playing with these days?" They are aware that there is always new information and new energies.
… and today they were trying to awaken their inner eye, and that's where all the fun came in.
They said they already used their "middle eye", but differentiated between the "middle eye" and the "inner eye".
They indicated that the middle eye apparently is at the bridge of the nose (the same for dolphins), and it awakens first. It then connects with the crown. Then comes the inner eye. When the inner eye is open, you see Christ Energy. The inner eye is another level that is far beyond simply the "third eye."
As they played and talked, Joy connected to get more information…
Group 1 of dolphins told her that they "got it" (the inner eye awakening) a few weeks ago… that was the other time when they had been close to shore and just playing so awesomely and long, jumping, somersaulting, and more, for a really long time. (July 18, 2016)
Group 2, however, didn't have it yet.
Apparently, the entire coast was radiating with the "Inner Eye" vibration that was around, because Joy had been connecting with it every day, using it as she connected with individuals and everything around her. At least, that is what Joy was given, and that's why the dolphins were so joyful and having so much fun!
At one point, Joy could feel a tremendous heart response from the dolphins who came the closest to her.
The females indicated they are much more caring than even a few days ago, because of a new space that they asked Joy to show them recently.
There are no words that can possibly describe the amazing dances the dolphins were taking care to choreograph (that's what they gave her a few days later…), and the beautiful soft, sweet energy that was there.
At one point, Joy asked if there were visible differences between the males and the females, that she might be able to distinguish them when their fins and bodies where often up high above the waves.
The dolphins tried explaining the difference between the fins of the male and the female dolphins, but Joy didn't quite understand it. The size of the fin is a little bit smaller in the females… and just a little bit more "pointy", apparently. Joy couldn't tell the difference, without asking whether that was a male or female that had just dolphined by...
Eventually, Joy had gone so far out that the shore was a bit far away, and the dolphins sent her back in. "That's far enough," they said.
Joy had drifted way down the beach as well, and had to walk back to where her towel was.
Group 1 was waiting for her back where she had first begun.
Group 1 was also having a really fun time. They could connect with the energy of the inner eye as it was awakening… they said it was awakening through Joy's dolphin groups 2, 3 and 4.
Group 1 stayed around, close to the shore, continueing being really happy… splashing playfully, jumping (even though there were no big waves in the ocean at all), somersaulting in the water… many dolphins together just responding to vibrations of One.
Joy kept asking whether this really was "the energy" making the dolphins so playful, and again and again, she was given "yes", as always. She connects them with nice energy, and they play.
However, shortly thereafter, the rhythm changed, which answered the question as well.
One of the tour boats came by, but it was a tour boat company that the dolphins didn't appreciate so much, and usually hid from. Their boats come roaring through, making a lot of noise before they eventually slow the engine to give the tourists a chance to enjoy the dolphins.
(Much later, in September, Joy finally understood. Group 2 communicated that they have had two dolphins injured by the propeller of those tour boats over the past few months, and it's a sad way to "leave", they say… meaning the two that were injured.)
One of the other tour boat companies is quiet, and the dolphins love to come out and play for the tourists.
Not quite so here… the dolphins dispersed, and disappeared. That was the end of the happy energy.
A few of them came back in quietly when Joy played with the energy again, but they weren't jumping and playing as they had been earlier.

Date: 08/19/2016

"Can I imitate you?" … and "lallygagging"

Over the next few days, whenever Joy was playing in chest-deep water in the ocean out beyond the breakers, she often would lie on her back, just floating, looking up at the beautiful blue sky, relaxing, breathing…
She calls this "lallygagging around". It's such a wonderful, comfortable space!
As many people know, dolphins are known as great imitators.
There was one dolphin who had already connected with Joy often. (You'll recognize him later as the one who asked Joy to call him Peacebringer… see the entry for 9/12/2016)
This dolphin asked Joy to see if he might be able to do the same thing… "lallygag around".
Joy said "You're kidding me, right? Dolphins swim already!!!"
She thought there was no way she might be able to help a dolphin float!
"Nope… not so," the dolphin said. "We don't know how to be at the top of the water," (meaning "just float for a long time").
Okay, so Joy and the dolphin played together for a long time. Joy lay on her back in the water, breathing easily, and the dolphin helped her to synchronize her breathing, and also the holding of her breath, with his breathing.
In the beginning, it was slow. He showed "holding his breath", but the muscles in his body relaxed a bit, and the moment that happened, he had to breathe again, very quickly. He wasn't quite able to get the hang of "lallygagging"... yet.
Joy indicated then that if he could hold the air in a way so that it actually would stay put in his lungs, that might help, because it was the "air bubble", along with the relaxation, that brought the "floating", or rather, "lallygagging".
This dolphin, however, kept trying to explain to Joy that the movement of the muscles in his body and the entire body language says that the tail needs to keep swaying, and through this movement, the oxygen pushes its way through to the muscles, rather than staying put in the lungs.
He indicated that because the tail likes to keep moving repetitively and it wouldn't stop, it was a challenge to get his dolphin body to relax…
This dolphin, however, learned it nicely, over several days. He kept on practicing, especially every time Joy was in the water, and then some, and he managed to "get it".
He found a way to hold the air near the top, despite the tail movement!
So, a few days later, he was able to "lallygag" for a minute or two.
Needless to say, though, it was a lot easier for this dolphin to "float" on his front than on his back, because the blowhole is near the top of the dolphin's body (whereas Joy breathes through her nose, which means she lies on her back).
The end result, though, is the same. Lallygagging.

Date: 09/01/2016

Before hurricane Hermine came through

On the Thursday morning before the big Labor Day weekend, Joy headed to the beach as usual, to do her morning energy routine.
As it happened, the sun was shining and sky was blue, but Joy knew from the weather forecast, that by afternoon, it would be cloudy, possibly raining a bit, as Hurricane Hermine began to affect the eastern coast. Friday would be rainy all day long, and for Saturday, the forecast was for very strong winds, as Hurricane Hermine would be passing through the Virginia coastline.
A few dolphins came to play as Joy did her exercise routine, blissfully enjoying the morning sunshine.
The dolphins were from Joy's group 2. They were just having fun, splashing, "business as usual".
Joy asked if they were aware of the "weather" that was coming, and they said "no". As far as they were concerned, it was all just sunshine and blue sky…
They were aware, then, that Joy knew that the waves would be getting bigger. It didn't make much difference to them.
Joy then had a little interesting conversation with them… about "time". She said she had "40 minutes" total to do her energy routine, get in the water, swim, race back home again, and be ready for a client. Except that they didn't know what "40 minutes" was… Time, yes, but how long is 40 minutes?
Okay, 5 minutes they knew: "Short".
A "day" they could relate to… yes, a sunrise to another sunrise.
Take that and divide it into 24 parts to make 24 hours… where each hour had 12 blocks of 5 minutes… Okay, that was a bit too complicated… at least for this time.
The fact that we take our time and divide it into such "compartments" was alien to them.
Later in the afternoon, Joy needed to take a break from what she was doing, and decided to head to the beach before the rain came. Chances were, it might be several days before she was able to go back again, unless she wanted to go in the middle of the rain and wind.
By this time, it was cloudy, and wind was beginning to pick up. There was a bit of rain, on and off, and the waves had more peaks than they'd had in the morning.
The dolphins (a few from Joy's group 2) were being really active, making their way along up the shore, but going really fast, often jumping along the way. "Porpoising", it's called.
Joy asked if they were just playing, but they indicated that they were trying to make headway up the coast, before the big waves came. They had the idea that if they kept on heading up the coast, really fast, they could stay ahead of the waves. All they knew about was the waves.
Joy gave them a visual connection with "weather systems" (aka, the radar maps), indicating that people now have lots of information, and that the big waves were part of a "storm" that would be coming.
The dolphins quickly connected with the idea of currents moving, bringing air that moves, and creating clouds.
The discussion moved to seasons, storms, and weather, and the fact that a storm could move along.
Joy explained that "this time of year", the "changing season" brought temperature differences that created many more severe storms than usual, and now there was a very big storm called a "hurricane" on its way.
They were delighted to learn this… not happy about the hurricane, but knowing that it was actually a "weather system" helped them to relax.
The idea that a storm could pass by, and also had a path the we could closely pre-determine, including the area covered, gave them something to think about.
They asked about the boom noises during the rain, meaning the thunder. It made them uncomfortable, because they assumed it was like a big-time "upset", as if someone (on some large scale, somewhere) was being very annoyed.
The idea of the clouds creating fronts where different temperatures could cause such violent repercussions was actually a nice thought for them… "Mother nature balancing out" is a much softer energy than the idea that somehow, there were angry giants or something or someone causing it.
With the thunder, is the lightening, which also has uncomfortable repercussions for the dolphins, as the lightening could hit close to where they might be. "It has caused injuries", they tell Joy.
"By counting the space between the lightening and the time you hear the thunder," Joy broadcast to them, "you can know how far away you are from the storm."
… and the dolphins said they understood that they would be more safe if they could stay far away from the storms, and the understanding of the lightening with the thunder could help them to avoid being in the direct area where the storm was.
But… there's more: "How do you count?" (… to know how far away the lightening is)
Joy thinks quickly… Fingers? No, let's try "dolphins."
"Okay, one dolphin, two dolphins, three dolphins… One, two, three… "
"By knowing about the weather, we could stay comfortable," they said.
They had hoped to just keep swimming up the coast ahead of the big waves, and maybe be okay… They have memories of doing this before, but often ending up in the middle of a really uncomfortable time…
By this time, some of Joy's group 1 dolphins had also showed up. The group 1 dolphins had a different set of experiences than the group 2 dolphins:
"We were aware of something coming already early this morning", they indicated… "and as for time, 5 minutes, 40 minutes, we know what those both mean!"
(Group 1 has been near Joy for several additional years…  they were around before the other groups learned to connect with Joy.)
Joy outlined the path of the oncoming hurricane, as well as the time frame.
She talked about the satellites that give people the information.
That's when it began to get interesting.
Group 2 initially said that they would like to continue on up the coast, as they had been doing.
However, group 1 indicated that they knew it was much easier to stay nearby, now that they had "information" about what caused the big waves.
Group 2 decided to hang around for a little while, and then decide.
Joy suggested that maybe the groups could connect with each other, and do an experiment… one group could go north, ahead of the waves, as usual… while another might go east a little ways, and another group could decide what they might like to do.
(There's groups 1, 2, and 4 at the moment. Group 3 was the winter group last year, and were currently much farther north.)
Joy asked "Do you know each other? Like, does the group 1 dolphins know the group 2 dolphins?"
"Ummm… well… no."
Friends? No…
They had different ancestors, and they hadn't thought to intermingle, even though they've all been together in the area over the past few months.
(Actually, group 2 had been a little bit territorial, so the other groups were nearby, but not quite as often coming to Joy's beach. However, when group 2 realized this in August when Joy became aware of it, they quickly began allowing all the dolphins coming to the beach.)
Joy indicated that the world, as far as people and countries were concerned, had also once been that way, but with the event of television, computers, internet, phones, video calls, airplanes, and more, that people were now connecting in ways they had never thought possible before.
There were many more observations, and group 4 of Joy's dolphins also joined in the conversation.
Joy asked the dolphins if they would be okay during the storm. They indicated it was usually really terrible, but knowing where it would be, and that it would eventually pass by, helped them to relax. They normally preferred to stay a little closer to the shore during the bad weather, but they understood that being farther out made sense this time.
One of the dolphins asked Joy if she would be okay through the storm.
(The dolphins all think that people are dolphins too… but they know we move outside of their area.)
Joy gave them a "visual" of our homes, with walls, and doors we could close, but it was the idea of a roof that they found the most enjoyable. She said she would be warm, and dry, and very safe.
By the time Joy left the beach, all of the various groups had decided that they would remain in the vicinity, just moving out farther, away from the storm's direct path.

Date: 09/02/2016

New dolphin decisions!

This was now Friday, the day after Joy had explained to the dolphins that there was a big storm, a.k.a. hurricane, coming. The hurricane was due in Virginia Beach on Saturday.
Friday morning was windy, but not raining, and the sun was actually trying to peek through a bit in the morning, so Joy headed to the beach, for her usual morning energy play.
She wasn't sure if there would be any dolphins there this morning, because maybe they would all have headed out farther, to stay out of the way of the coming storm.
However, as very often happens, several dolphins showed up as she was doing her exercise and energy routine.
What a surprise! There were six dolphins, they told her… two from group 4, and four from group 1. TOGETHER!!! That was a first!
They told her,
"We decided to do like others in the world are doing, and start getting to know each other."
"How are you getting along?", Joy asked.
Often the energy is so very expressive, and words can't even come close to describing it.
The gist of it, though, was, "Well, we're trying … but it may take a bit of getting used to." (Read a lot of sort of hesitation into that…)
Okay, that was really, really neat that they were trying to get together.
They had decided that they would all try different paths during the storm, then "compare notes" (as Joy had suggested), and see what worked most comfortably.
… and apparently a few of them had decided that since the hurricane path wasn't yet close, that they would see what it was like to remain close to the shore, and then head out later.
Joy hadn't been planning to get in the water to swim that morning, because the waves were getting big and strong, and she wasn't wearing her swimsuit, as she often did.
The energy, though, was encouraging Joy to get into the water.
"I could just sit in the surf in my clothes", she said, very tentatively.
Ahhh… but the dolphins always respond to the energy, and it was a definite "Yes!"
Three dolphins jumped all together at once… nice and high... and one of them did an amazing double-jump!
(You know, like when you're skimming rocks, and it goes skip-skip… the dolphin double-jump was like that!)
The waves were fun, so Joy couldn't just sit in the surf. Clothes and all, she went riding the waves.
The dolphins were grateful, they indicated, because the water became more happy and soft, because of all the happy energy that Joy brings along with her.
As Joy was walked home from the beach, dripping wet and smiling, the dolphins continued asking her to continue being aware of them as they swam (they don't like the word "swimming"! … Call it "dolphining" or something like that, they say!) out through the stormy water. They showed her (via her hands, body language, and inner eye) that they had much more flowing energy through this "weather" than normally… because they finally understood that a big storm was just nature balancing itself.
Imagine, if you will, primitive tribes, before scientific discoveries… Thunder storms? "Someone must be really angry… What do we need to do to calm them down?" You get the picture. Knowing the cause and the sequence makes all the difference in the world.

Part 2: The Internet?

There was actually a little bit more to the day's tales…
With the idea of always being able to know what the weather was because of the satellites, group 1 of Joy's dolphins quickly came to the realization that they could connect with the satellites themselves and know what the weather patterns were. In that way, they wouldn't need to rely on anyone else to let them know what was coming… especially if there were hurricanes.
This is where a really light consciousness and the idea of "One" comes into play. When someone is "One", everything can be accessed. All information is known… but the question is, "do you have the consciousness to connect with what you need?"
Joy had done her best to give the dolphins a quick overview of society, which must now use "Internet". Anything you want to know, you learn just by going to the "Internet".
(Try explaining the Internet to a dolphin…)
However, that evening, while she was at home, Joy was aware of some of the dolphins connecting with her.
"Audubon?" they asked…
"I see you learned how to access the Internet!", Joy responded.
"Just don't ask me to explain this to human beings… They need a physical device that uses physical means to access the Internet."
"Physical means???"
"Oh," says Joy. "Of course… Wireless signals. That's all you need!!!… okay, along with consciousness… Maybe people will understand that, somehow."
"You are One, so we are around your circuits," they tell Joy. "Without that, we would not be able to access the information… and the knowledge of weather is so very helpful."
"Maybe one day, dolphins will have their own computers…" says Joy. It felt like "just kidding" to Joy at the time, although the dolpins were really intrigued by the idea. Might it be possible some day?

Date: 09/03/2016

The hurricane

Saturday was the day that Hurricane Hermine came through. The hurricane brought with it very stormy weather… roaring winds and some driving rain… but at least the temperature was fairly mild.
A neighbor of Joy's said he always went into the water every single day, even during hurricanes… so Joy decided she would brave the weather and get into the water as well.
… after all, if her dolphins were out there in the weather, in the big wild waves, she should at least have some sort of idea what it might be like for them.
On the beach, the wind was whipping the sand around, and you had to turn your face sideways, away from the pelting weather, and you had to talk really loudly to be heard over the wind and the waves.
The waves were huge, and everything was just white… huge, huge surf.
Joy actually had fun! It was wild, and it was amazing! She stayed where it was shallow, of course, and just jumped the huge waves.
She had been checking with the dolphins… "Are you okay?" she would ask them, and they let her know they were okay. (There are more details that came the day after… please read the 9/4/2016 entry.)
They had shown her on the weather map with the radar picture, that they were out beyond where the actualy storm front was passing through.
As Joy checked with the dolphins again while she was IN the water, they told her they loved that she had come into the waves, since her energy carried through to them somehow, and they felt more peaceful, despite the other stresses the storm was creating for them.
Joy was really surprised and very happy to learn that, and she stayed in the water for a much longer time than she had originally intended (… but that's often what happens when Joy connects with the dolphins!)

Date: 09/04/2016

What do dolphins do during a huge storm?

…but first, e=mc2
On the day after the storm, the dolphins told Joy that they were waiting for her to come and see them.
When she got to the beach, the waves were still really, really big… with lots of very powerful white surf, and whitecaps all over the water.
The first thing the dolphins wanted to know was why the big waves hadn't gone away.
If there had been a storm, and the storm was over, why wasn't the water okay?
Why weren't the waves kind and soft, like they usually are?
Joy tried explaining about the wind whipping up the waves, the momentum that is there, and that it takes an equal amount of time for the momentum to die down…
She tried explaining "momentum" in several other ways, but it wasn't working.
The moment, though, that she said "Okay… Einstein… e=mc2" they "got it"! Instantly.
Einstein, e=mc2: When an object is pushed in the direction of motion, it gains momentum and energy…
They understood it quickly, and decided then to stay and play.
So, what DO dolphins do during a huge storm?
Joy asked the dolphins how they had fared during the storm.
The dolphins that had stayed close to the beach during the day right before the storm and then headed out later that day, fared the best… and so they were the most relaxed.
All those who had been able to connect with Joy during the worst weather had been able to be more calm through the storm than they usually are. It helped that they knew they would be soon through it…
However, her group 4 of dolphins had had a much more difficult time than the others. They were very anxious, as one would expect during the big waves of the storm…
During the storm, Joy had asked generically, "My dolphins, how are you doing?"… but she hadn't checked in with the groups individually. Group 4 did come through okay, and they showed Joy they had tried to go east and south to stay out of the storm's way, and while they had been well out of the way of the main storm front, there were a few other smaller storm paths around outer perimeter of the main storm. They had ended up going through one of those, which meant they were in the direct path of some thunder, and had to avoid some lightening af few times. It had apparently hit too close to where they were.
Group 4 said they would love to have had more moral support, and indicated that they would have had more ability to regroup and hold stronger if Joy had been able to connect with them… it could have helped them to be safer and avoid the lightening, they let Joy know. Joy felt really badly for not having understood at the time that they had not been able to respond to her question about how the dolphins were doing.
The other dolphins, however, had let Joy know that they were more okay than usual during a storm because they understood that it would be over in time… that it was a weather system passing through, as they had learned 2 days earlier.
However, some of the groups still worried that there was someone rather upset, so they kept trying to find a way to calm the wind, as they usually have done, but they knew that was from instinct… it takes time to get used to new patterns.
The thing that made the biggest impression on Joy, though, were their descriptions.
They described the effort that it took to try to keep breathing through the huge and rather violent waves…
Apparently, the effort that it took to constantly try to stay on top of the water so they could breathe, was huge.
It would probably be something like running a 2-day marathon, or longer… without any ability to stop and take a breath.
They said that some of the older dolphins and a few young ones hadn't been able to manage it and were no longer with them. They were grieving them, and not knowing how to find peace.
The dolphins were unhappy that storms mean some of them may not survive.
Joy asked the dolphins if they had any awareness of an "afterlife."
They didn't, and they didn't agree with her. "It's over" they said. (Joy was very surprised about this… as the dolphins have such a very high level of consciousness… much higher than most people.)
Joy explained that most people on earth have a belief (along with nowadays, a huge amount of evidence), that the end of the physical life isn't "the end", but that there is a continuation… although, of course, there are exceptions. A belief in some sort of afterlife seems to widespread through all nationalities.
This comforted the dolphins somewhat, but they wanted "proof".
(It's hard enough to give people "solid proof", let alone dolphins, who have a very different environment… so Joy gave them a few thoughts to think about, and then let it go.)
A few weeks later (9/15/2016), Joy has an update to this:
After having had an opportunity to let the idea of the afterlife "sit" for a while, they still hadn't accepted it, although some of the females show that they were happy to understand our ideas, and that they may help people. "Continuing on, surviving on the land, must be much easier when you believe you're going somewhere nice," says a dolphin named Hope. (See 9/12/2015 to learn about the naming of Hope.)
Joy says she'll need more time to learn the dolphins' perspectives and ideas about this. She would like to learn more about what ideas they have.
Back to the storm, though…
Immediately after the storm, the dolphins were so worn out by the storm, that when Joy put out a thought along the lines of somehow being able to create "safe havens for dolphins during storms", they loved the thought, and indicated that they would be high on the priority list to go there, if such a place might be created.
Joy asks if such a thing would ever be logistically possible, and it's possible that it's not, but there's always "maybe…"

Date: 09/11/2016

New ideas for dolphins… and do they vote?

Today, as Joy was at the beach, when the nice tourboat came around, the dolphins played a bit, and came near the boat.
… and today, when the boat turned around to go back, and was turning around on the spot, the dolphins were happy, and they moved out of the way. The fact that the boat was going "backwards" a bit was okay with them, now that they understood about making things able to move in very tight spaces. They also understood that the hollow area, like a bridge, under the boat, wasn't intended for them to play in…
Later, the other tourboat came, the noisy one that comes roaring through the water.  
The dolphins hid. There wasn't a dolphin to be seen… although they did show Joy that they were a lot kinder towards the "big voice"  (i.e., the tour guide using the speaker so all the tourists could hear about the sights, and hopefully about the dolphins as well.)
They didn't like the NOISE the boat makes, they said.
It makes too many uncomfortable sounds.
Joy paid attention, and realized that it was true… most of the other boats, even when they're going faster, are much quieter. This boat can be heard a fair distance away, even after it's gone.
"All of our cars have something called a muffler, which helps to quiet the noise of the car," Joy explained. "We also have laws about sound…" Joy told them. "Like after 10 pm, people in neighborhoods are generally expected to be quiet..."
The dolphins asked if boats ever have noise ordinances. They asked Joy to look up "ordinance", because she wasn't sure that she had used the correct words.
Joy found the following:
"WHEREAS, the residents of and visitors to the City of Virginia Beach are entitled 14 to an environment free from excessive sound vibration and inadequately controlled 15 noise that may endanger their health or welfare, or degrade their quality of life, comfort, 16 repose or peace;"
The dolphins had a rather intense reaction to this.
They, (and apparently other residents of the ocean, at least at the moment, those near Virginia Beach) would love to be included in the peace and quiet!
They indicate that loud noise in the water is really very disturbing to them.
Joy lets them know that people are continuously becoming aware of new things that should be taken into consideration, and once aware of them, often things change, and new standards are implemented.
The dolphins let Joy know that they would love to vote in a law that limits noise (in the water).
(Do dolphins have voting rights?!! If everyone knew how to connect with them, they probably would… they're extremely intelligent. Joy giggles at the thought of voting polls set up under the water…)
The dolphins are also interested in many other new ideas… they've never been able to express themselves before.
Actually, this time, it's one dolphin, a male, who is concerned and asking Joy to help him understand all kinds of things.
Joy asks if he is a "spokes-dolphin" for all the other dolphins. He indicates not, but a general consensus is that "yes, we are all this way. We would all of us include these same ideas."
A little while later, as the noisy, fast tourboat approached again, Joy let the dolphins know it was coming, so that they could move down in the water, to avoid getting hit by it.
They said this allowed them to relax a bit more.
Joy asked "Can you hear it? Do you know where it's moving? Can you tell where it is from the noise?"
Apparently not. Yes, they can hear it, but boats make general noise that carries in a large "sound front", and the source of the sound isn't very clear.
Joy asked "What if the boats could emit some sort of ultrasonic frequency, or something similar, so that you would know where the boat is, and where it is going?"
The dolphins were radiant. "Yes!!!" "Please, if that is an easy thing to implement, it could help."
They never know what is coming, and it creates anxiety.
Joy feels for them… these very beautiful, dear dolphins, who play and are more aware than people have any idea…

Date: 09/12/2016

The dolphins want names, please!

As Joy was doing some of her energy routines on the beach, before coming in to swim, one of the dolphins asked her attention, in a very new way.
Just as "dolphin whistling" had coming through Joy as she played with energy while on the beach a few days previous (journal note to be added soon), now there was the soft letter "R" coming through Joy's mouth… "R.…. R.…. R.…."
"R?" says Joy…
"Are (R) you coming in soon?" asks the dolphin, meaning into the water to swim with them.
One of the dolphins has already shown Joy a hand symbol to indicate that he is the one communicating. Left palm facing up, then the fingers of the right hand placed face down on the left palm, and the then fingers of the right palm fold over them, gently clasping them.
This is a different dolphin. She gives Joy a new hand symbol. This one is the left hand facing up, four fingers together, and thumb connecting with the four fingers.
"Hope" she says… "Hope… hope… "
Joy thinks she's giving her name. "Are you Hope?" she asks.
The dolphin finishes her idea now… "I hope you're being soft…", showing Joy's hands moving gently and going higher up in the air.
This is the first female dolphin, ever, who has connected with Joy.
She was wondering if she might connect… if it would be alright with Joy.
It had only been a few days earlier that Joy had commented that each of the dolphins who connects with her has been male. She had asked whether the female dolphins would have permission to do that, and the answer had come back as "Well… it hasn't been that way before… It's our roles."
So another change…
This dolphin is loving and kind, and likes the name "Hope."
"It wasn't intended, but it will be okay."
(They're trying to help Joy, and names are helpful.)
Joy asks about the name of the male dolphin who has already shown her the hand symbol.
He shows Joy taking both of his hands and gently placing them over the heart. "Love," he says. He indicates he gives more heart connection than the others.
"Is that your name?" Joy asks.
He shows Joy's hands gentlly tugging upwards, lifting many others.
"I am one of the somewhat more spiritual dolphin within our group," he says. "I bring many others more peace. I would resonate with 'Peace Bringer' as a name".
More of the dolphins would love to give Joy a symbol, and have a direct name.
The dolphins show Joy that they have their own version of names for each other, but they wouldn't be easy to communicate, so any individual connection (name) that Joy would make with any of them, would be fine.
However, Joy isn't particularly creative, and has no idea what she might call others of the dolphins.
"I could give you names like our common names," Joy says, but the dolphins don't care for those.
"Too much like everyone else," they reply.
It may take time to put together names. "They'll come as I learn who some of you are," she says. That's okay… apparently there are many more dolphins than Joy could know names for…
"If I could see you, close up, and be given a name for you as I see you, that would help," she shares.
She knows she has seen Peace Bringer… he came really close one day when she was far out away from the shore, and let her see him, and he blew through his blowhole while he was near. He's been one of the main dolphins who has been connecting directly.

Date: 10/09/2016

Hurricane Matthew and many more journal entries…

Joy has continued connecting with the dolphins, and also the bottlenose whales, as well as a group of gray whales who has come to Joy for help.
There will be many, many more journal entries, but it takes time to make the rough notes from the events more readable…
In the meantime, the dolphins have been having some adventures together with Joy, and they are coming through Hurricane Matthew much more comfortably than they did with hurricane Hermine, using some "new techniques".
There were also some "rescues" of baby dolphins, as well as adults, who had become separated from their main groups during the storm. They are all well.
There will be more to read… hopefully soon.
When you read more, you'll probably be just as amazed at Joy's dolphins as she is… and really proud of them, for more reasons than you can imagine!

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