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Leap through millions of lives of Soul Evolution! ~ Awaken BeyondLove ~ Easily Awaken Kundalini & Beyond ~ Unlimited Strands DNA Activation ~ Become Lighter Frequencies
In a Nutshell...
One Love Throughout
is the result of
Awakening of Love
that is beyond  anything
we’ve been able to
manifest on earth
so far.
ONE with the All
(having attained enlightenment),
Joy McEntire
is One with her soul
and far beyond.
She works with Ones
(Archangels at a very
light frequency,
far beyond the
level of "Archangel")
beyond the level of
ascended masters,
and beyond the level of
(one who has attained an exceptionally fast,
high consciousness)
Joy helps others
merge into One with Love,
move to Beyond-Love
(an easier and more powerful
version of Love),
increase their light exponentially,
awaken and activate unlimited strands of DNA,
raise their vibrations
in a profound way,
and move to and beyond the
Beyond Energies,
which are beyond what
seekers of all time have been
trying to connect with.
Every day, Joy expands into
ever-greater awareness of that which is still BEYOND…
and for all who may want to receive it, she willingly shares what the Ones have shared with her.
The expansion is unlimited!
Won’t you come along
on this journey?

Hello and Welcome!
So what about LOVE?
I haven't yet written much about the deeper, greater spiritual Love that we're awakening,
... but here's a little something to pique your interest for now.
The information and understanding about Love that I'll be sharing is brand new...
We're talking about quantum layers of Love such as
Awakened Love,
Shimmering Love,
on to Living Love,
and far beyond that...
(where Living Love is what is often experienced by people during near death experiences)
... and the awakening of this Love goes beyond what has been attained on earth up until now.
... and it goes far, far beyond any 2012 shifts.
... and that's just the beginning!
This information is shared in Conferences and in DNA Activations
This is the path of skipping levels of your spiritual evolution!
This path brings
not just small increases in light and love, but rather
quantum leaps in Light & Love!
It is a path of expansion  
through more dimensions than you were aware of...
as we activate and then begin awakening
limitless strands of DNA
It is a path of...
Soul Awakening Patterns
that go deep, deep within,
and that reunite us with the ONE where we are no longer separate
but rather remembering who we are
(these are patterns that most of the ascended masters carried or carry)
Then comes
 Kundalini Awakening
all the way up through the crown chakra
and further beyond that...
(all very comfortable and effortless for those receiving it)
This healing simply erases
SO MUCH of the karma, patterns, traumas, lessons, contracts, and more
that you've brought with you from past lives...
This is awakening at the deepest levels possible...
...healing that extends through to all the spirits of all of the lives you have lived
... and also through your ancestors,
...and often ripples on forward through generations yet to come is healing that WILL affect those around you
and will bring significant shifts in their energy as well!
Would you like to expand your Love & Light in phenomenal ways?
How is it possible to have such huge leaps in Soul Awakening?
Well you see, one of the big factors is "quantum leaps"!
Once you take the first few quantum leaps, it's all exponential from there!
Just imagine for a moment that you have some dense energy
and you bring that into a little tiny bit of light…
… and now imagine bringing that same amount of dense energy
into a LOT of light
When you have a lot of light,
that little bit of dense energy
is a little tiny drop in the ocean!
The DNA activations provided the quantum leaps in light
and also quantum leaps in the presence of Angels.
What happened next is that we began working with
bigger and bigger dense energies, and clearing those too!
And of course, there's more!
The vibrations of the healer play a significant role...
Imagine that the "normal" vibrations of most individuals, including almost all healers, are still somewhere in the dense 3rd- or 4th-dimensional frequencies, with some having moved into the 5th dimension.
Well, recall for a moment that all this quantum awakening has expanded our energy into dimensions well beyond those...
so now all of a sudden we're healing from much higher planes
where there is a more unified consciousness
and where all these dense energies are so much more easily transmuted!
Add to that the Awakened Kundalini,
which vastly increases the flow of energy
and makes the energy work all that more powerful...
... and the Awakening Patterns we've been given by the Angels,
which take us ever deeper
... and you can see that everything continues to
expand in exponential ways!  
Please understand that there is ALWAYS
so much more  than I could include here,
not to mention ALL the wonderful and ongoing new quantum leaps  that
seem to keep coming through AFTER I've added the new stuff to my website!
The end result, though, is that this awakening
can then be received by others
such as YOU!
So WE promise you that:
(where "we" is this higher consciousness that is constantly guiding us)
You WILL awaken!
Your light will expand!
Your love will grow!
Your aura will change dramatically!
I don’t know what you’ll experience, but believe me, you will be a different person by the end of your first streaming session... and every streaming session thereafter!
So are you willing to come along on this journey of Soul Awakening?
... your SOUL is waiting!!!
Newest Patterns (Love)

Christ Energy
is the most
amazing thing...

See the Christ Energy page

The Colors...
You're probably wondering about all the pink and purple...
It's not just a "girl thing"!
Actually, it's a "frequency thing"
... and it's all energy!
The darker colors are too heavy
and dense to be aligned with
all this Love!
The Ones would have Joy choose white text on a white background, but, well...  it's a little easier to read when there's at least some color!
So pink is next best...
and purple is there to keep the rest of you happy...

The Angels Say...
ASK for more angels
in your life!
Each time you ask for more angels in your life, you will receive more angels!
They want to be with us, but we have to ask! Know that every time you receive more angels, your aura "grows in love" (and becomes lighter, clearer and larger).

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